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I will be moving to MA and am applying for jobs in the Framingham/Milford area. I have an interview at Framingham Union Hospital.

Does anyone know if this a good place to work? Can you recommend any other area hospitals or VNA's? I am looking for Med/Surg, ER, or Hospice VNA positions.

Any information would help. Thanks!


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There is also a good hospital in Milford; Milford Regional Hospital. Also, Worcester isn't too far from that area and there are several good hospitals, St. Vincent Hopsital and Umass Memorial. I don't know much about VNAs in the area. Good luck!


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i used to work at the milford VNA and absolutley loved that job,,,only reason i left was to relocate to another state, there is alot of longevity there, people just don't leave,,,best home health job i ever had, and i hear they are restarting the hospice program


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Currently, I take my students to clinical @ MWMC (Framingham Union). I think it is wonderful. It is a good size hospital but not too big like the Boston hospitals. I understand there is longevity of 20 years or more. My first job 23 years ago was @ Milford Hospital. It also has a good reputation and is a great place. My 2nd job was @ UMass Medical Center. UMMC is "the BEST hospital" that I have ever worked at. The physicians are excellent and nice. They collaborate with nurses and treat the nurses with respect. Very busy place but I made a lot of lasting friendships with nurses @ UMass. So, you should apply at all three. They all have home care divisions and I believe hospice as well. Welcome!

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