fozzard services???


hi there!:)I just wana ask if anybody knows of fozzard services? I think they are sending filipino nurses to Indiana...I want to know more about it and the services they offer and if it is a good and reputable one:p...thanks

suzanne4, RN

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There are no visas available, and only the US government issues visas. Agencies can only submit paperwork.

The expected wait is five years plus for a chance at a green card.

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suzanne4, RN

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Have you actually passed the NCLEX-RN exam as well as the series of English exams? No company can start anything for you without the NCLEX exam being passed.

Have never heard of this company. But be very aware that with a five year plus wait for a chance at a visa, and there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will get one; the chances of you signing a contract with an agency and then cancelling is what any of them are hoping for in some cases as that is how they are making their money right now. They do not get paid by any facility until you start to work. And if you are wishing to use an agency to pay for your exams, etc., then you are going to be liable to them for a very large sum of money.

Definitely not a good idea at this time at all.

Do you also possess a local license as well as actual work experience?

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