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Four years out of hospital


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I am out of the hospital for four years now. Got my license 2011 and have my BSN. Due to immigration laws, I cannot work under my current visa. But thank the heavens, after four years, my green card will be out this year.:cat:

My worries are that no hospital might even look at my resume when they see that I have been out for that amount of time. I am a volunteer since 2012 at a physical therapy private practice. I do ROM/AROM with patients, some billing for Medicare/Medicaid, knowledgeable about ICD-9 transitioning to ICD-10. I volunteer 3x a week since 2012.

Now I have seen the OR fellowship on one of the largest hospitals in the state and is considering to get in.

I have my BLS and ACLS updated this year. Will I need more? Like a refresher course? Will it even help?

Thanks. :|

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Refresher course will help, it won't be cheap but may help you get the professional connections to help you secure employment. The green card will help as you obviously won't need sponsorship

krisphat, BSN, RN

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Thanks! Will definitely look into that. :)


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Sounds like it is easier to get in to long term care and nursing homes than hospitals. . It could give you time to practice your skills, etc and you could look around. Also it seems dialysis hires a lot of nurses and it seems like you would use critical care skills. You might want to look at places that hire new nurses ..best wishes.