Four-D College lvn program inquiry

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4 d college lvn program inquiry Looking for advice. I'm a 50 yr. old displaced worker (thanks to ca. budget cuts) that has recently come to realize that I must give up working on RN pereq.s and attend a vocational school. WIA has agreed to support me but only for a couple thousand dollars max. and of course we all know LVN programs are 28,000-30,000 at this time from what I've researched. WIA says ok but I have to pay the difference. The other option is cna/hha cert. that will leave me at making little more than min. wage it looks like. Does anyone actually know current pay scales for cna/hha or LVN's. Mostly...Why can't I find any current reviews from 4 D college grads? All the posts I've found are 3-4 yrs. old. Any advice on this school? ALSO, please tell me if you know if lvn's will still be utilized the next 20 yrs. or so. Is 4 D college really a feasable means to employment as a LVN? I won't mind not working in a hospital as long as I can eventually make up to 25.00-30.00an hour I suppose. Is that possible? Sorry about this font, it won't let me reduce it back to normal size. Again...what do you know about this school in victorville? Do some students have to repeat the program to where they actually spend as much time there as they would've completing pereq.s at VVC? Thanks alot!

Sorry people, I thought this was going to be a new thread. I hate that it got re-directed back here.

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