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Forsyth/Novant/ Clemmons medical center

by dipeteRN dipeteRN (New) New

I'm an RN from Minnesota. My husband's job relocated to NC and I have been offered a job at the new clemmons medical center, part of the Forsyth hospital/ Novant system. Wondering if anyone out there is going to work at Clemmons?

Also if anyone out there works for Forsyth or Novant who can tell me about how the company is as a whole?


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Hi! Sorry you didn't receive a response to your questions. I too am looking into the Novant system hoping to gain employment after we relocate to the Winston-Salem area. Have you started working at Clemmons yet? If so, how is it going??


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Great place to work in Winston. I know they hired a ton of people in January across the board for Forsyth and Clemmons. I think Clemmons is slated to open in April or May.