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I am a nursing student working on a computer program for Nurses as part of a nursing informatics school project. I have

created a program that calculates body surface area, basal energy expenditure, and temperature and metric conversions. I

would like to add formulas for specific nursing disciplines (critical care, peds, etc.) But, I want to add calculations that are useful

to nurses (rather than just pulling them out of textbooks). The program is currently for Windows but in the future I would like to

re-write it for palm pilots. So... does anyone have suggestions for formulas that they routinely have to calculate in the real




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A few critical care things for you to consider...

Calculations for IV medications, such as medications that are given per kilogram:

mg/kg/m (milligram per kilogram per minute) and mg/m (milligram per minute)

Medications such as Dopamine, dobutamine, NTG, etc.

Also, Swan Ganz calculations.

You would have to get the specific formulas out of a book, but these are a few of the main ones that are used in critical care.



This sounds neat and I want one.

What I would like to have for Adults and Children in Occupational and Environmental Health are:

Lung Function Testing compared to predicted based on height and weight ages 3 to 100+.

i.e. Peak Flow, pre and post exercise, pre and post medication/treatment. With a charting capacity.

PEL's (permissible exposure limit) rough calculations based on form (gas, dust, liquid), volume, space (cubic area dispensed/released). This requires the ability to convert the original form to another measure(liquid to gas, solid to dust, etc.) and to calculate area.

I have worked two emergencies in the last year in which there was a significant delay in getting the correct measuring devices. OH, calculating dispersion rates based on wind speed and humidity!

Thermal threat calculations. Cold and Hot.

Glascow Coma Scale and Trauma Scale.

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