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Formula Scanning

by nursechappell nursechappell (New) New

We currently scan all breast mlk in our pediatric, ICN and NICU units. We are also considering scanning formula (not just specialty formula- but all formula) in these units. How many of you are scanning formula, and is it systemwide, or just in your neonatal areas? If you are scanning formula also, how do you manage labeling?

Whispera, MSN, RN

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What are you scanning it for? I'm snoopy and since I don't scan anything, I'm wondering...

We dont do no scanning where we are. We have a fridge for donor bank milk but we log it in a book. All breastmilk is dated and labelled and thats it. No barcodes. Why are you scanning milk?

Baby Wrangler

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We have milk prep techs that prepare the formula and breastmilk in syringes and they put labels on them to scan. If it's breastmilk, the mums put the labels on their own containers but if it's formula the milk prep techs will prepare them and put labels on them. I guess I can see why they would scan even if it's formula, just to make sure that the baby is getting the right type of feed. Some of our babes get pretty complicated feeds; so and so % of HMF, plus beneprotein, plus neosure, etc.

Our scanners print out labels for each infant.

Ok i guess it helps to avoid mixups etc

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What are you scanning it for? I'm snoopy and since I don't scan anything, I'm wondering...

Whispera, since breast milk is a bodily fluid (and technically a medication when you consider all of the awesome immunoglobulins), it's just safer if you scan it in to avoid errors and mixing up people's milk. If that happens, you have to get a slew of labs on the mom and the baby.

Yup, what babynp said... And not to mention some of our mamas are on a lot of drugs, so while it may be in some instances appropriate to give that milk to a neonatal drug withdrawal baby it is not appropriate for a "regular" newborn.


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We just implemented barcode medication administration and are looking into scanning breast milk in the (hopefully) near future (I'm assuming also donor milk). As far as scanning formula, I don't understand the need for that as much as breast milk - what is the rational?

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We only scan breast milk, mom and donor. If and when we get a milkmaid we will scan all formula that is mixed with additives.