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  1. Hey everyone. I have been searching for current experiences from forensic nurses and/or students and I am coming up short. Has anyone gone through an online MSN Forensics program within the last one to two years?? I would love to hear your thoughts on the experience. Also, I will be moving to Phoenix, AZ, so I'll likely need an online option. So far I have looked into Monmouth University and Duquesne. Any personal experiences and advice with regards to online programs would be GREATLY appreciated. I've considered the certified forensic nurse route, as that is obviously faster and easier, but I would ultimately like to get my masters. Definitely open to all advice and options for you forensic nurse pro's out there!! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   slizendiceRN
    Hi Jberrn,
    Unfortunately, I am not the forensic pro you were hoping to hear from. However, I am currently researching different schools for my MSN specializing in forensics. Duquesne will not accept me into their program because of the state I live in, so that program is out for me. I haven't looked into Monmouth, but I found Fitchburg State University & the website says it is offers the MS in forensics online. I think I may have to just throw in the towel & get a MSN in a different specialty, then do the forensics certificate program.
    Good luck to you