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  1. Hello everyone. my name is Zach and i'm new to the site. My career goal has been to become a pharmacist, but I am starting to think that that job is a little boring. My wife is an RN in the ER and she has been trying to convince me to become a nurse. I got my CNA in high school and never worked in the field after i got it. I have been reluctant until i started learning about forensic nursing. I know it is only a tv show, but i really enjoy CSI and was looking into becoming a crime scene investigator. however in my city, there is no demand for them. our police dept only has 2 investigators. So my wife mentioned forensic nursing, and it kinda caught my eye. Could anyone give me some specifics about the job. I have seen on all these websites that you collect evidence, testify in court, could anyone give me scenario of a day in the life of a forensic nurse? Is it in any way like they show on tv? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    hello, forensic man and welcome to

    so, you are interested in nursing as a career and then forensics as a specialty area, i see. check out the stickies found at the top of this forum for good information regarding forensics, education, etc.

    how do i become a forensic nurse/role of the forensic nurse

    forensic nursing - is it for you?

    the sexual assault nurse examiner - sane

    sane program locator in the u.s.a.

    hope you enjoy the site and good luck with your career.
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    What are you doing now? Can it be taylored to forensics?

    Investigation of death from a medical standpoint (cause, manner, etc) is done by teh Medical Examiner's office or Coroner's office - not the police. Police are investigating the legal aspect not the medical aspect.

    Are you currently a pharmacist? Your experience could be invaluable in assisting on investigations related to drug assisted sexual assaults.

    If not in the medical field currently - what are you doing? Can it be shifted?
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    Hi Zach,
    Im not sure what state your from, but Fitchburg State in Fitchburg Ma has a forensic nursing masters program. One of the students just became the first student allowed to do an intership in the federal prisons. I don't know if that would be anything you would be interested in...?