Forensic Nurse Jobs in Fla/Kaplan/HELP!!

  1. Hello, I'm new to this site (forgive me if this is long):spin:
    I am interested in becoming a forensic nurse (primarily death investigation and crime scene). I actually just got accepted into Kaplan University today and found out that I have to put down a payment to register by Wedensday. I live in South Florida, where although a lot of crime happens, when I called the Miami Dade medical examiner's office, they said that due to their budget, they are not hiring any forensic nurses right now. As I was getting off the phone, she mentioned something about Kaplan not being the best choice for me. I'm not too sure why she said this. Any clues as to why?
    Mainly, I don't want to put down the money for this program, take the course, and not be able to use my skills. If anybody is in the Fl area and knows where I will be able to use this certificate, that would be greatly appreciated. I will be calling both Dade County and Broward County's Medical examiner's office again tomorrow.
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  3. by   Ninaer
    I'm currently enrolled in the masters of science in criminal justice.....I believe that kaplan doesn't really have a csi type course....I don't think they even have a forensic nursing course. If you want to do CSI type of work....I think you would have to pick a school that has the forensic science course.
    Most csi type of work is a different type of profession it is usually done by police officers who are detectives. Crime scene technicians are the ones that collect the data at a crime scene and gives them to the detectives. Forensic scientist are I believe are specialist that run the tests.
    I have a certificate in forensic science through ashworth college....Im just getting a criminal jusctice degree to anchor it. I think it is better to have a broader education in forensic science rather than to focus on "forensic nursing" so that you're more expendible.
    I think you need to be very clear on what type of job you want because " forensics" is very broad as it is a seperate profession that a person can actually recieve a bacelors/masters/ or a phD in. I hope I didn't confuse you.
    by the way, in case you're wondering, Im an er nurse wanting to do something different.

    Kaplan University on line is a pretty good school , although they are very expensive.....however, the staff and technical support are great.
  4. by   kellis99RN
    Hey, I have also inquired about Kaplan's program. Apparently they have a forensic nurse certificate. The IAFN recognizes it as an acceptable program in order to take the test for the forensic nurse certification (along with the other qualifications).
    I was also told I only had a couple of days to come up with a down payment. must be part of the plan to get people to sign up with them.