Does full time forensic nursing exist?

  1. Hello all! I'm new to allnurses. I'm an LPN and going back for my BSN and am considering forensic nursing. Honestly I thought about leaving nursing until I stumbled across this field. However, it doesn't seem like full time work in this area is an option. Everything seems per diem or part time at the most. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Is there some way to do this full time? Or should I expect to have something on the side too? I'm also not sure it's for me. I've done home health, worked in a group home for MRDD, an LTAC (long term acute care facility) and nursing homes. All became boring and dissatisfying for me. I DO know that reading about forensic nursing made me very excited. I've always had an interest in helping victims of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. And I think I've seen almost every episode of Law and Order SVU and Criminal Intent! May come in handy? :chuckle Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Lita, LPN (low paid nurse :chuckle)
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  3. by   AplusNurse
    I have been subscribed to allnurses for a little over a year,
    but this is really my first time getting one.

    I don't know how to post, but I know how to reply.
    Pitiful. haahah

    I, too, am a 'low paid nurse' (haha I LOVE that_), and
    I , too, am interesting in being a Forensic Nurse....
    just wanted to let you know that I am interesting
    in the replies you get.

    At first I was considering Christian Science Nursing.

    I just received my first job..actually first two jobs
    as a LPN...but I am going to go with the Psyche Nurse
    job vs. the LTC Nurse.

    Happy Nursing
  4. by   dsczephyr
    The short answer is yes. But the following will give an idea of descriptions and qualifications, and you may need to be able to relocate in order to get the kind of position you want:

    Job title: Forensic Nurse/Physician Assistant Investigator II

    Job location: Houston, TX 77054 United States

    Requisition code: 14202-P

    Date posted: 08/28/09

    Job type: Full-Time

    Compensation: Based On Education and Experience/Based on 26 Pay Periods

    Job Classification

    Job category:
    Forensic Nurse

    Job Description
    Job description:

    The Forensic Nurse/Physician Assistant Investigator II develops organized, concise and accurate death reports in accordance with Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 49.25. Responds to death scenes to document and prepare decedent for transport. Conducts preliminary external physical examinations on deceased individuals either at scenes or upon arrival to Harris County Medical Examiners. Takes charge of the remains at the scene, securing transport to the morgue and receiving the decedent at the morgue. Assists autopsy assistants with recovery of remains at death scenes, including moving, lifting heavy bodies. Collects and preserves physical and biological material at the scene to be used as evidence or for further forensic investigation. Maintains chain of custody of remains and evidence associated with the decedent. Reviews medical records for physician consultation and for organ donation requests. Responds to hospitals to document organ donation requests and evaluate condition of the body as requested by pathologists. Evaluates decedents' eyes for pre-autopsy approval recovery in natural deaths. Conducts medical records searches and case management for pathologists. Assists with performing external examinations under the direct supervision of the Chief Medical Examiner or designee. Assists with the identification of unknown deceased persons. Acts as a liaison between pathologists, investigator division and outside hospitals and physicians. Performs nursing and other duties as assigned by the Senior Forensic Nurse Investigator, Chief Medical Examiner, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Assistant Deputy Chief Medical Examiner or Chief Investigator.

    Job Requirements
    Education, training, experience:

    For nurse candidate: A licensed Registered Nurse in Texas or eligible for Texas licensure within 6 months of employment. An ADN from an accredited school of nursing with one year of acute care experience, clinical forensic nursing or death investigation. Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (either Texas State certification or IAFN certification) is preferred. For physician assistant candidate: A BS and graduate from an accredited physician assistant or surgeon assistant training program is required. One year of post certification clinical experience in emergency/trauma as a Physician Assistant. Previous experience identifying, collecting and documenting evidence in trauma, abuse, or neglect cases is required.

    Physical requirements: Natural ambulation, because of difficult working conditions (i.e., scenes where dexterity is necessary because of the need to manipulate bodies as a part of the investigation or in loading and unloading remains. Climb stairs, industrial and commercial structures, board ships and to spend whatever time is necessary on one's feet in investigation or recovering of human remains).


    Job location: Lebanon, OH 77777 United States

    Requisition code:

    Date posted: 09/05/09

    Job type: Full-Time


    Job Classification

    Job category:

    Job Description
    Job description:

    The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Program Coordinator is a professional nurse who has the authority and responsibility to oversee the care and services provided to patients of sexual assault. The Coordinator will monitor sexual assault patient care through admission until discharge from the Emergency Department. The Coordinator oversees the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner participants in the program and monitors SANE performance through peer review and performance improvement. The Coordinator is responsible for taking scheduled call and performing sexual assault examinations equivalent to recertification requirements established by state certifying body. The Coordinator is responsible for the development of on-call scheduling of SANE participants and oversees compliance. The Coordinator provides participant and network associate education. The Coordinator participates in a leadership role in the network, community and state agencies. Responsible for all PI and peer review related to sexual assault.

    Job Requirements
    Education, training, experience:

    EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Three years Emergency Department or Intensive Care/

    Three years as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

    Meets all requirements for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner position.



    Day Shift

    For more info call DFA Recruiters at 866 967-5218.
    Job Experience: 3 years