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I have gotten called on a job I applied for as a Deputy Coroner Trainee. All they required was a medical background and I"m an LVN, so I thought I'd try. Anyone know anything about it? I know it's... Read More

  1. by   sirI
    Quote from Eka69
    wow...I went off on a tangent after clicking on the offered sites and ended up applying for a job as an evidence technician after I graduate from a LPN program in the next few months. Four months in Iraq for 12,000 a month, and all they are asking for is some type of medical/documentation experience. I know this isn't the same is forensic nursing, but it was off the medical examiners board, and there doesn't seem anything containing information about death investigators in NC. I did write the Medical Examiner requesting info on part time/internship during my RN school...was that the right thing to do? I would love to be able to have that type of experience when I'm done with the RN program. I don't know if NC has a program, visited all sorts of sites. Sorry to ramble, but I'm overwhelmed by the lack of information out there. Thank you for the indulgence.
    Yay, for you, Eka69. Sounds as if you have landed a very interesting job. I think doing a part time/internship stint with an ME is great during RN school, too.

    Please, let us know how this plays out. Congratulations and good luck.
  2. by   obliviousRN
    I manage an ER, work as a SANE, and am also a Deputy Medical Examiner in the state of Oregon. I love my death investigation work. It's always a puzzle to put together.

    I function as a scene investigator - observe, report, assist in physician ME's activities, etc. I follow the body from scene to morgue/funeral home/etc. Meet with families, work collaboratively with law enforcement, etc. I LOVE it! (Did I tell you that I love it? LOL)

    Good luck with yours and have fun! If you ever want any info from me, just PM me here.

  3. by   NWradiologygirl
    Hi Julie, I too am in Oregon and would love to hear more about the work you do! What kind of hours do you work as a Deputy ME? Are there scheduled hours or is it purely on call depending on when cases present themselves?