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I live in Arkansas and am a senior in the BSN RN program at Arkansas State University. I was wondering if anyone knew of any shadow opportunities in or around Arkansas? I plan on working in the ER or ICU after college and then eventually getting my masters in forensic nursing. My biggest interest is homicide investigation, but I'd love to shadow anything forensic related. ?

Hello Megan,

I don't know of any specific programs in Arkansas that offer shadow opportunities, but, I will say that most programs do not have an official "shadowing" process, based on the experience that I've had with speaking to other program coordinators and directors. But that doesn't mean that you can't do them. I would suggest reaching out to your local area hospitals, asking them if they have a Forensic Unit or SANE program and then being put in contact with that programs coordinator. Then you can inquire about possibly shadowing. If you're interested in shadowing anything forensic related you can also reach out to your local coroners office, the Medical Examiner, and even your local Law Enforcement agency.

Hey Megan


I live in Arkansas and was curious if you were able to find any shadow opportunities?



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