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foreign nurse needs help


hello everybody!!!

Im a nurse from the Philippines movin to Oklahoma early next year to work in a nursing home. Im not really familiar with the set up and the routinary work in a nursing home so anyone help me please to familiarize myself with everythin.

I've been workin in the surgical area of a 100 bed capacity hospital thats my experience so far.


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Nursing homes deal with long-term nursing care w/ long-term debilitating illnesses. Turn over is usually very low hence duties become routine. If you can give injections, give p.o. and topical medications, do dressings, then you're 80% set! Of course, there will be paper works which you can learn during orientation and while on the job, and some equipments and supplies to familiarize with.

There will also be other issues to deal with like short staffing, staff and management attitudes, no supplies, etc. but you don't have to worry about this yet. Since this would be your first exposure in a foreign health setting, you probably wouldn't realize the difference until you work in another place.

You obviously have the skills. Hence, your transition won't be so harsh.

But, I'd recommend to leave the shyness behind. Talk a little louder than you're normally used to. Don't misinterpret "their voice pitch" as being angry or insulting. Don't hesitate to ask questions. When they talk, listen and look at them straight in the eye. And, never assume your skills are superior nor are they inferior than theirs.

Kayang-kaya mo 'to Pinay! ;)

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