For those who have taken HESI A2 @ any of MCC!!!


I'll be taking my HESI A2 for MCC's nursing program in about 10 days from today.

From my understanding, it looks like it will focus on the reading comprehension and math proportion only.

I am not concerned about either section, but I am brushing up on them using the Elsevier guide, however I was just wondering for those who have taken it if there is a basic calculator that is included for the math portion? I am pretty exceptional at math but I need to review my conversions a little, the calculator is more of a time saver if anything.

That's about the only question I have.

I am nervous...but ready!



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Yes, in the bottom corner there is a tiny calculator image. Click on that and up pops the calculator. Wish I had known about it when taking my Hesi :/ the lady who gave me instructions said "no outside calculators are allowed. If there are questions you are allowed a calculator on, one will pop up on the screen for you to use". However, while going through the test and waiting for the calculator to "pop up" I finally saw it there in the corner.

My math score would've been a LOT better had I noticed it sooner on the test but I still passed. You also get scratch paper and pencil.


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Perfect, thank you so much for answering!


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Yea, the calculator is a small pop up one, very basic. Its is better than not having one at all. The conversion problems are also pretty simple they are not tricky. For me the grammar was awful, all the sentences looked right. lol Overall it is pretty easy, I used an app on my phone to study, and the scores I got on the app were exactly the same as what I ended up getting on the Hesi.