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You had a lot more time that I did! LOL! And yes, nursing school WAS "easy"...if you have a STRONG A&P, micro and patho base, it is relatively simple because you dont have to really refresh your base knowledge. When I speak to the incoming students at my school I stress 5-8 hours of study on days off in A&P, micro and patho. If you get those down solid, then nursing school will be "easy". If you keep up with your studying and realize that nursing school is like building a house (you MUST have a foundation, you MUST have strong walls, in order for the roof to be stable) then it will be easy. If you barely pass each class then you will struggle the ENTIRE time. If you end a term and dont really understand what you learned, then you will not understand the next items you must learn. Example: ICP...if you dont understand how the brain functions normally, A&P, then when there is a shift in fluid (patho) you must know what is happening to nerve cells, THEN you must know what your interventions are. For NG tubes and GI issues...if you dont understand the healthy functioning of the stomach, you wont know what happens when there is an ulcer, you wont understand WHY you are using an NG tube, if you are using an NG tube and dont understand what it does, then you wont understand why electrolytes become important. It really IS easy, IF you put in the effort necessary to understand the BASIC functions of a NORMAL body.

That's EXACTLY what I'm doing now lbs