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For the long hall - trying to pass hesi entrance exam

ohyolo ohyolo (New) New

Another day goes by with the question,

Am i material for nurse?

I failed the hesi entrance exam and haven't been the same since.

I question it all.

All the nurses i work around, me, the medical field.

I had a dream of being the vibrant energetic ER nurse who hung on light fixtures, swung from the cords of respirators, and flipped off the shelves of the med stock rooms to get the job off saving the life done.

Except the challenge seemed to be greater then my dream. Before i could even start my support system diminished and my aspirations went with it.

Can i come back?

Can i somehow get into that ER and soar?


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Welcome! Moved your post to allnurses HESI Entrance exam forum-- please see the many resources here to get you to pass the exam.



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