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Sorry this is a silly question...

I ordered a pair of Dansko Professionals from an online dealer. I normally wear an 8.5, so I ordered a 39 (the Dansko web site advised going up a size for the closed-back model.)

The shoes arrived today and I honestly cannot tell if they are too big! When I walk, my heel goes up and down (which the web site says this how they are supposed to fit.) They fit fine width-wise. The shoes truly feel like a clog, which I LOVE, but I'm wondering how supportive they are for nursing. Clogs are not allowed in our school.

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This is totally unrelated, but I am wondering why you are switching from rad tech to nursing-just always felt that is what you wanted? I am a nurse and my boyfriend is doing pre reqs for rad tech, wondering if there is any insight to the job. Most rad techs I know are very happy with their jobs and make way more than nurses make, at least around here. Thanks!:)

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I've sent you a PM in response to your question:)



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Yes, your heel is NOT supposed to stay firmly in the heel cup like a regular pair of shoes. I normally wear a size 10 in regular shoes but wear a 41 or size 11 in Danskos. Your school should be fine with allowing you to wear the Dansko's. If not then save them for when you are a practicing nurse. Good luck!

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Thank you, Nurse-Lou!

I have to get used to the feeling... glad to know I ordered the right size. They are very comfortable.

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Same thing here...I wear a really large 10 (okay, sometimes 11) and had to get a 42 or size 12 in my Danskos...and still sometimes my great left toe hurts me (I have some other issues with my it may not JUST be the shoes). They are alright...and at least they look good (and would you believe me if I told you they make my feet look small?? :p )

I think I am going to look around for something else to wear at work...I need something in a dark color, too.

(sorry...I don't think that was of much help...they DO fit a little different than other shoes and kind of take a little while to get used to...)

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