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Food offering at 4 corners of hospital. Possible black magic?

Has 2 years experience. Specializes in Labor and delivery.

I wasn't sure where to put this so I decided to put it here. I work at a women's hospital in labor and delivey. In the last three weeks or so many of our staff have seen food left out side. Which did not seem all that odd by itself but it happens almost every night and it is not eaten. The food is left at the four corners of the hospital. The food ranges from apples, mangos, watermelon, cake, and dounts. Sometime there are also roses. Most people seem to think it's some sort of black magic or voodoo. I live near the mexican border and we have a large hispanic population so a lot of my coworkers are rather superstitious. They seem to think someone is trying to curse us or the hospital itself. I don't think this is the case, though I suppse it's possible that someone could be doing it with good intentions like how people put a person's favorite foods on an alter for Dia De Los Muertos. My question is have any of you encountered anything like this at your hospital before or have any idea what kind of ritual this might be?


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Food and flowers don't seem like black magic, more of an offering/blessing. This is kinda cool! :)


Has 2 years experience. Specializes in Labor and delivery.

I said the same thing to my coworkers. That it seemed to be more of a benevolent thing, but they are not convinced. Some of our more religious staff say that you shouldn't even look at it because it would give some sort of bad luck.


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