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Hey y'all,

I turn in all my clinical prep work in a typed format rather than handwritten and am having trouble figuring out how to get the lines above certain characters (such as those for "with" and "without") as well as characters for one, two, three, four. Anyone have any suggestions?



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I do the same thing...that way I always have copies of what I've turned in on my PC. To answer your question, you could look for a downloadable medical font off the Internet but I've never been able to find anything. If you are typing it out, might as well just type "with" or "without".

As for the numbers, you should just be able to use your regular keys: i = 1; ii = 2; ix = 9, etc. Just lower case Roman numerals.

There is not a program that I have found, however I do have a solution. In Windows XP service Pack 2 there is a program called Private Charater Editor (it's built in). You'll have to use character Map ti insert your new characters, but once inserted can always use copy/paste from there. I created the "with" c, "without" s, and "after" p all with lines over them. To run Private Character Editor (PCE), click on start, run, then type eudcedit . This will bring up the editor. A "select code" window will appear with a blank box selected. Click ok. A box with gridlines will open. To create the c with the line over it, click on Edit, then on Copy Character. If you are like me, I use Arial quite a bit. So on the font button, click on it and select Arial and Regular, then Ok. This brings up the Arial Character set. Click on the lowecase c and then on ok. You'll have a c on your grid box. Now quick on the pencil icon in the upper left corner. I reccommend starting 4 squares above the c and creating a line 4 squares high extending to the right and left widths of the existing c. Click on File and then on Font Links; I reccomend linking with all fonts. Click ok. Now click on save character. Bring up Character map and select All fonts Private Characters. Click on your new c and copy/paste into your document. You can do the same with with the p to make an "after" symbol or the s to make a "without" symbol. Just be sure to save those characters to another empty block (which will assign new codes to your new characters and avoid overwriting your new one. Hope this helps!

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I don't know how to do it but I know that you are able to make your own symbols like the pp said. Are you required to use the abbreviations? I use my computer to write my clare plans also and I just write the words out. The abbreviations are just a type of short hand and I don't really see that many nurses/MD's using them were I'm at unless it's regarding prescriptions.

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