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follow up on bathroom grab bars problem


I contacted the DOH and they investigated the lack of grab bars. They are not concerned because facility stated that if a particular resident needs grab bars they will be installed.

Isn't that like if a car accident occurs I will put my seat belt on quickly? We are a rehab floor and our patient census is constantly changing. How quickly will grab bars be installed, if say on a Friday we get a resident who is continent, uses the bathroom and has limited ability to transfer onto the toilet? Nothing happens on weekends, so over the weekend there is an increased chance that someone may get hurt, resident or staff. Even MacDonald's handicap restrooms have bars in them to assist the aging population. I'm amazed.:uhoh3:

Don't despair. They are concerned or they wouldn't investigated and wouldn't have discussed the "what if" plan with the facility. I suspect there will be a follow up investigation that will cover newly admitted patients who need hand rails and grab bars. Consider the facility's "we'll put them up if a resident needs them" statement as a plan of correction.


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Wow, if any floor needed grab bars in the bathrooms I would think it'd be rehab. I work in ICU and we have grab bars in all of our bathrooms and half our pts don't even use the toilets.