Foam based skin cleansing agents ie Clinisan

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I am trying to find information on the risk of cross infection by multi use of these foam skin cleansing products. This is the first time in many attempts i have found any information about these products and realise the previous contributions were some time ago. I would appreciate any feedback to give me a starting point for a literature search.

The area i work in does now use individual cans i need to find some references to support this.

Many thanks

Have you tried getting information from the chemist (pharmacist) or from the drug manugacturer? In the USA the drug companies are required to disclose information from research and studies done on that drug. That might give you a place to start. Good luck.

You might try searching under the chemical name, not the brand or generic name.


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Yes, regarding the generic name--it just may be hexachlorophene foam. We used to use it in aerosol cans in the OR where I used to work under the brand name "Septisol." Great stuff.

It could, however, be an isopropyl alcohol foam or a chlorhexidine foam.

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