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I am hoping someone can lend some insight to be about the prevelance of nurse practitioners (most specifically ED) in the state of CO. My family and I are planning a move to a nice rural area in the mountains.


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Where you do plan on moving to? I work in a small rural/resort town E.R. (level 3 trauma) in Colorado and we don't have FNPs. There are couple of nearby E.R.s that do use them, but it is not common place.



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Thanks for responding. I am not sure to be honest. My family and I have hopes to moving to a rural community, about 30-40 minutes from major town or city, close to great skiing, and where we can buy acreage at a reasonable price. I do not even know if this a reasonable expactation. I will not graduate FNP school until Dec 2005, but I am aggressively researching things now. Any insight would be helpful.


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The use of NP's out here is still growing. I'm not sure how the rural hospitals are using them but I would think(hope) that they would be open to them. Most of the great skiing (Copper Mtn, Vail, Steamboat Springs-IMHO) are major resort areas that have ER's but acreage is EXPENSIVE. Probably the most affordable would be down in southern parts of colorado. There are many beautiful areas to live in. Good luck!


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( 6 months later). My wife and I are planning a trip to Denver area this summer to scout things out. We are going to try to look at Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder areas. We are looking for acreage within a reasonable commute (1 hour) of one of these cities. We want to live in the serene mountain setting to build which can accommidate horses, yet is reasonably affordable (3,000/acre, 30+acres). So far, I think we are looking at the southwestern area of Denver, but we really know very little about Colorado. I really want to leave myself opportunity for growth professionally as a NP.

If anyone has information or resources for us to draw from, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Can I push this post up, and get some insight into the market for new grad FNPs on the Front Range? Is it difficult to get into a health system or even a community clinic? Is that market saturated? Thanks for your comments.

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