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FNP student considering switch

Hi! I am close to finishing my first year of the FNP program and am now thinking I may have made a mistake. I have arthritis issues and know I cant possibly keep working on my feet as an RN, but understand FNPs work very hard as well. I was thinking of switching to Health Informatics, Nursing Education or Management. Any thoughts? Will I have more job opportunities with FNP? As of right now I am mostly considering Womens Health or Derm, which limits me greatly. Any Derm Nps hate it? Or any FNPs hate it and wish they went a different route? Thank you so much!

I have some fairly significant arthritis, and have been a Psych NP for 15 years. Yes, I have pain every day, but I don't have to stand for 8 hours. Which I could not.


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