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FNP Simmons vs Cincinnati

by jaswa jaswa (New) New Nurse

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Hello to you all,

Can someone please assist me with pros and cons and which you would recommend for FNP program as far Simmons and Cincinnati University? I know Simmons is bit expensive but they help find preceptors for you anywhere nationwide. However, Cincinnati you would have to find your own preceptors I believe.

Any help would be much appreciated.


With Simmons having about double the tuition rate per credit hour as the University of Cincinnati, I would say UC is the better option between the two. I do not know much about Simmons, but I did look up the tuition prior to responding to your post. I was accepted at UC in their FNP program for the fall semester. I am worried about finding preceptors too, but I don't think paying twice the amount in tuition would be worth it. From the people I have spoken with thus far who have had to find their own preceptors, they say it is difficult but possible as long as you start looking far enough in advance. I have also heard that you may have to pay some clinical sites to precept you if you're desperate. However, it still only averages around $10-$12/clinical hour from what I've seen, which would be way less than what you would spend on the additional tuition at Simmons. I think paying for clinical sites seems outrageous, but I guess it's nice to know the option is there if you find yourself in a bind.


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I am also trying to decide between Simmons and UC. Which one did u end up applying for? So far I would prefer Simmons if they will find clinical sites for us. 
looking forward to hearing more inputs!

Just a heads up regarding Simmons, I saw this blog today and she talks about Simmons having only found two of her clinical sites for her. Just might be something to think about before making your decision.