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FNP in school systems

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I was wondering if FNP's can work in the school setting (elementary through high school)?? I think this is something that I would be very interested in doing. If so, how would I go about getting a job like that and is job availability dependent on different areas of the country or would I be able to do that anywhere?? I am currently in my first semester of the FNP program and I'm just curious about different job opportunities.


nps (including fnps) certainly can and do work in school settings although this depends greatly on location and school system. a least a few public school systems across the country actually have primary care clinics within the school itself. these are often in underserved and/or low-income areas where kids are much less likely to get routine medical care otherwise. i know new york and connecticut both have these school-based primary care clinics. this is obviously a growing trend. there is an article in pediatrics on the topic (if you can get access to it through your school i would highly recommend giving it a read). i also know of several primary care clinics that arrange "clinic days" at schools for the same purpose. virtually all the jobs i've seen for school nurse practitioners do not show a preference for pnps vs. fnps which would be good news for you.

Purple_Scrubs, BSN, RN

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My district has FNPs or PNPs who work at the "school based clinics" that are attached to several of the schools. They work very, very hard for our kids and I appreciate everything they do! This is a role that I have considered myself, as I hope to begin applying for NP programs for next fall. This is a much needed, underserved population in many areas. Kudos to you for wanting to work with these kids!


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