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FNP Salary Indiana?

RN123SD RN123SD (New) New

Does anyone know what Indiana FNPs make?

i was made an offer and wondering if it was reasonable. It's a rural clinic working 35 hours a week..

Well, do you mind sharing what the offer is?

I have been an FNP in Indiana for 17 years.I think 102,000 for 35 hours a week sounds very good. That is a typical base salary for those type of clinics . Will you have on call or nursing home rounding responsibilities?

I would consider the total package and ask about Rvu bonuses as well.

On call one week for the whole year and no nursing home rounds..I do get RVU bonuses after I meet a certain patient quota


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I work in acute care in rural indiana and started just over 100K. That's 36/hrs per week. I get 9hrs of PTO every 2 weeks, 1 week CME, and 2500 in education benefits. I was told that I would have to take a cut going to primary care, but wasn't told how much. Hope this helps.