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Hello All,

I am currently an MSN student at CUW completing my FNP.  I am 2 clinical semesters away from graduating but I am somewhat disappointed with my program.  It requires 240 clinical hours per semester, I must attend at least 7 hours each day two days per week.  25% of my patients need to be peds, and my school does not help with finding placement.  In addition I have twice weekly email communications, weekly patient journals, 4 detailed SOAP notes per semester, 7-10 chapters of reading weekly plus 3 or more hours of online lecture on top of other assignments.  All this while trying to work.  I'm downright exhausted and it has taken a toll on my personal life.  I know it isn't meant to be easy but are all NP programs this rigorous?  What are your programs like?  What are the requirements?  How do you find a good work-life balance?