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Hi, all. Haven't been here on a long time. :)

I obtained my bsn at University of Phoenix and I had no problems with the program. I loved not having to drive and sit in a class. Now that I'm ready to go onto FNP I'm not so sure if online school will provide me with preparation I would need.

I live in Corona in So Cal (about an hour East of Los Angeles and 30 min from Orange County). I went to an information session at a private university close to my house (Cal Baptist University) and was pretty impressed with their 8 million dollar simulation rooms and state of art classrooms. Cost will be about $44k. The only thing I don't like about it is that it meets EVERY Mon. I work part time but I work alternating Mondays. I'm sure I can somehow trade with someone to accommodate but not sure if I want to. I do want to be well prepared since the responsibilities of NP scare me but not sure if meeting every week is necessary especially for core courses. I guess I just want to hear from puerile with experience. So here's are my questions:

1. Does online program adequately prepare you?

2. Where are some of the good programs nearby me?

3. Are there programs with less "face to face" but not entirely online?

Thanks in advance. :)

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Online programs have been adequately preparing APRNs for many decades, so I can answer that question fairly easily. In fact many B&M schools are not offering their didactic portions of their programs in an online format for most if not all of the classroom work.

I don't know anything about the programs available in CA, you might check with the CA BON and/or NP associations for more information about local programs.

Good Luck with whatever program you choose.


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Thank you so much for your reply. I have two co-workers that graduated from np program at Azusa Pacific but they also met once a week in classroom setting. I know of no one that's in online program so I was just a bit apprehensive. I did think University of Phoenix was good for my bsn so I may look into online programs as well. Thanks again. :)