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I am a entering into my clinicals for my FNP certification and am looking for a Family Practice/Internal Medicine preceptor come the start of Novemeber. I live in the Orange County area and am having difficulty finding someone. If anyone would be interested or knows someone who might be able to provide me with this learning opportunity please let me know and I can forward a current cv and cover letter that describes in detail who I am and my current experience.

Thanks in advanced for any help!

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Does your school provide a list of past preceptors? What about your state's APN organization? If you plan to go into a specialty, do they have an organization?

My school does provide a list, I have both called and emailed the 47 clinics provided. 12 of which no loger take students (must be an old outdated list) and I have only heard back from one FNP telling me she is out on medical leave and this was 2 weeks ago. I am a member of CANP and am going to there student mingle night in September in the hopes to build some new connections. I am the type of person who will go on foot to find a preceptor its just a very frustrating process. As soon as I am a practicing FNP I am going to lend a hand to the APN community and provide as many students as I can with a valuable learning expereince.

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