FNP practicum in multiple states?

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I currently reside in Vermont and I am a NP student at a university that requires the students to find their own practicum sites. I have been looking for months, approximately made 30-40 calls, and I am still having difficulty finding practicum sites. For that reason and others such as I may not see a large enough volume of patients in a Vermont-based primary care office and the diversity of patients may be lacking I am considering doing them in another state or states. I spoke to the university that I attend and they communicated that this is possible as long as I have RN licensure in each state that I plan to do practicum. I know this may be an added challenge and could delay my graduation a bit but I think it may be worth it. What are your thoughts on doing practicum in multiple states to get a more diverse experience? Thank you in advance.

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There's nothing wrong with broadening your horizons and getting clinical experience in other states. There were a few students in my class who had to go to other states for specific clinical specialties (like OB or Peds) because the area they lived in was saturated with students.

I'm actually looking at doing my ACNP rotations in another state because my cousin is a doc in a different state and can get me set up with some good preceptors out where he lives. I've only found 2 of the 4 I need in this area and the hospital still isn't taking students for fall, so I might as well travel where I can get it done and graduate on time ?

As long as your school is OK with you doing clinical in a different state, you should be fine. I will have a different clinical instructor assigned to me if I go to my cousin's state because my current instructor isn't licensed as an NP in that state. So, definitely check before you make plans!