FNP Online Programs, which one?!?


Hello! I graduated with my BSN in 2010 and have worked as an orthopedic nurse, med-surg charge nurse, trauma step down supervisor, and coordinator of clinical applicaitons. I am currently looking to further my education and practice by going back to school for my FNP.

I currently work a Monday - Friday 9-5 type job and feel like I would need an online program in order to continue to work my current hours. I began looking at online NP programs and there are SO MANY. It is incredible how many different schools and programs there are. I have yet to find a great site that will allow you to compare and contrast the programs.

I am really invested in finding a good program because several of my collegues are in or have been in programs that they felt were extremely dissatisfactory.

I have also heard tales of warning from those who attended lesser known online programs having issues finding preceptors that would take them on because of this.

I would like to know if anyone has gone through or know anyone who has gone through an online FNP program that they would recommend? Or the opposite --- and you would steer me away from?

Thank you for any information you have!!

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What's your plan with how you are going to do clinical hours and still work?