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FNP Interview Possible Questions And Tips

by anarchy187 anarchy187 (New) New

I have my Interview for FNP school coming up soon and I was wondering what type of questions they ask, so for anyone currently in NP school or who has been in interviews for NP what did they ask you? Do you have any tips for the interview? What questions did you ask or do you think are important to ask after the interviewers? I am very excited about this and will keep everyone updated!


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I interviewed last month at the University of iowa and was just accepted this week! Personally, my interview was very laid back. It was PNP centered but I got asked the following...

Why PNP?

Why this school?

What do you want to do with a DNP?

I had to discuss my GPA and how that reflects who I am academically. (Mines just over 3.0 because I'm am anxious tester)

Are there any major life changes coming up? ie wedding, planning children, job changes

Our school offers full and part time...do which did I prefer?

Then general questions like all interview like to talk about myself and where I worked...stuff like that!

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the comment! I have really got think hard on these questions for good answers. The Why this school is the hardest because it did not require the GRE(The only reason I applied :D)