FNP at Grand Canyon University



I was wanting to get some information on the program at Grand Canyon University FNP program. Does anyone know anything about their program?


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Yes I graduated there. What do you want to know?


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Hi, thanks for responding. I just wanted to get some opinions on the FNP program. I have always heard great things about the BSN nursing programs there and I had great experience with the BSN online program. I was accepted into the FNP program for fall 2013. I am very excited to start. It appears to be a great program. I do not know anyone who attended the program before to talk to so I thought I would ask here. Thanks again for any information or tips you can offer. I appreciate it.


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bellamae - how has the program been going? My interview is coming up in a few weeks for the May 2014 start.


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I have 18 months left in the program and have been very pleased. I did my RN-BSN at GCU so already knew that I liked the GCU format. Let me know if you have any questions.


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hmkasu- how is the program going? i have interview coming up on May and I was wondering what question did they ask in the interview? how is the first semester? Is it do able to do the program while working full time for the first year? Thank you and God Bless.