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I'm a FNP who graduated 2005 but did not practice because I stayed home with my daughter. I am board certified but do not have a furnishing number. I have just been told I need to retake my pharmacology exam before I can apply for a furnishing never. Can anyone tell me if there is an online course I can take,and if when I get my furnishing number will the fact that I haven't worked for so long pose a problem in finding a job?

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Did you maintain your NP national certification? Have you renewed it every five years?


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Thanks for responding. I took my boards last Summer and passed first time. Just need to get my furnishing number. I just haven't practiced since graduating although I was an RN for 20yrs.

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Is this a California related question?

California requires all NP's who "prescribe" to have a furnishing license. Based on your post, you never practiced as an NP though you are certified as one. You fall under an unusual case in that you graduated more than 5 years ago so your graduate school Pharmacology credits are no longer within the acceptable window and you never had any experience prescribing either since you never practiced. You may have to retake the Advanced Pharmacology course again but do check with the BRN to make sure. If I were you, I would send a filled out application form for NPF for now and follow-up with a phone call in a few weeks to see what further steps they want you to do.

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I assume you are in California then? It must be a problem with the state board given how dated your pharm knowledge is from 2005.

Perhaps Juan can give you some insight, I am fairly sure he practices there.


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I am a FNP with a Masters degree and have been trying to get my furnishing license in California for almost a year now. The problem is my pharmacology courses are from the 90's and I have been working independently for many years (I am from Alaska). Since Alaska does not require physician collaboration I really don't know how to proceed except retake a California approved course. I have my California RN and ANP so it is the furnishing license that is causing me grief. Anyone know of a online course that California approves of? I would hate to go through a class only to find It does not meet California criteria. I downloaded the criteria from the board web site. Just looking to see what others have done that worked.


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Hi, I see this is a fairly old post, so hopefully you've found an answer by now. I would recommend checking with universities in California that are doing NP degrees since they are aiming for BRN requirements. I am doing a "hybrid" online NP program through Cal State Dominguez Hills and our pharm class was completely online. They syllabus was pretty much excerpted from BRN language.

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