FNP First Job Hunt Help (PLEASE!) Dallas


Hello everyone!

I am a new DNP-FNP graduate and have passed my ANCC boards. I have been job hunting in the Dallas, Texas area, but they mostly want at least one years' experience. It's been tough finding a position that will take a new grad! I am interested in Cardiology, Family Practice, Hospitalist, and GI. My background is 5 years as CCU RN. If anyone is from the area or has a contact, that would be beyond appreciated! I need any help I can get to land my first NP position. ? Thank you!




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I also just passed my FNP ANCC boards. Looking for a job in the DFW area. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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Hello You all,

I am a new Grad here in Texas and I am in the same boat. Any advice?


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I wish NP career advice (somewhere along the way?) relayed the importance of work experience and its impact on career options when it comes to advanced degrees.  I would advise considering what you would talk about at your interview, then apply to these areas where you truly have something to share.  At the same time, look at your board certification, for example if you want to be a hospitalist and have years of hospital experience, you fundamentally need ACNP to be realistically competitive given the well-established consensus model. 

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