FNP feasible?



Would it be feasible to start an FNP program part time, work part time and also have a newborn?? I get it would be difficult, but wondering if it's actually do-able? I'm looking to hear from people that have done it...Thx


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I think anyone can "do" anything. However, I think either having a newborn or doing grad school deserves its own time and individual attention to do well. I've never done it but that's on purpose, I'm doing one before the other.


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I just started my FNP/ACNP dual program and am 5 months pregnant. Just done with my first week and the amount of assignments and readings are insane! I have spent about 12 hours on homework in the last couple days and have barely accomplished anything. I am "part-time" and taking 10 credits (not by choice but it is how the program I'm in works) and working part-time and I have NO idea how I'm going to do this with a newborn next semester. I keep hearing that it IS doable but I am definitely freaking out. I wish life had worked to where I could focus on one or the other but I was accepted and had paid my deposit long before I found out I was pregnant so I thought I'd at least give it a try. So check back with me in January and I'll let you know if I've flunked out and have any hair left ;) Good luck to you if you decide to go for it!


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heartlover, I have added you as a friend in the hopes of trying to personal message you, but apparently, I'm having some difficulties.

Good luck with the semester and please keep me updated. Sometimes we don't plan on things happen, but they happen and we have to try and adjust and work with it.

Again, good luck and stay in touch.