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FNP Clinicals

I am a Chamberlain College FNP student who lives in Atlanta Ga. A lot of places are refusing online students for clinical's. I have looked into the enp network, and clinical match me. My question is, has anyone else looked into either site for clinical assistance? If so, were they any help? Thanks in advance.

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I don't believe that you are being denied preceptor opportunities because you are an online student. This excuse is usually a pretext used by preceptors (teachers) who are already overburdened by requests from the legions of other NP students who are looking for what you are looking for and that is free education.

When you think about it, Atlanta being the chock full of hospitals , clinics and private practices that it is, one would think that the predicament you're in would not exist.

The major problem here has to do with the schools selling dreams far and above the realities of the marketplace. For you to have to be forced to find preceptor brokers and pay out of pocket puts you in a very vulnerable position and at the mercy of any two bit con-man that seeks to make a fast buck at your expense. They are out there and they are nurses too which lend credibility to the con.

Your situation is common throughout the country and not the deceptive schools themselves along with their faculties, the ANA or the states' nursing regulatory agencies give a hoot.

It's one of the biggest ongoing scams ever and now more than ever critical thinking must be activated before any student signs on that expensive dotted line.

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Where did you do your Clinicals? I’m in the same predicament.


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Hi Joanna, I'm considering starting an online FNP program but heard this was the hardest part. I also live in Atlanta and would love to get recommendations from you with what I should do or when you ended up for clinicals?


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