Flunked first semester of college, but doing much better now.


Hello, so as the title says I flunked my first semester of college with 3 failed classes and 1 passed with a 70. my second semester I passed everything with a B+, and I'm am going into my third semester in the fall with the intention of making all A's, and I am retaking those classes I failed. to be clear I have not taken any science courses yet so I have yet to begin gathering a science GPA. If I make all A's and occasional B+'s will I still have a shot at nursing school? I always read about how competitive nursing school is and I'm afraid that first semester will come back to haunt me. I'm also planning on taking the CNA course sometime soon and gather some experience. Thanks!


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I know very little about college/nursing admission standards. Irregardless of your flunking keep going with your nursing goal. I'm very impressed with you and your story, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps!

A co worker, CNA, took pre nursing courses, got all A's, (wait for it), inspite of that the local community colleges accepted applicants by a lottery system. As long as you had met the prerequisites a straight C student had the same chance as a straight A student.

Never give up! She had a lot of roadblocks but has her BSN today. As another poster says, brick walls are put there to show you how badly you want it.


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I would advise you to check with the school or schools you plan to apply to. Every program has different acceptance criteria. Some are a lottery (like brownbook said), others will accept only the first attempted grade, others use the highest grade, some may only use your science GPA/entrance exam score, etc.

Congrats on working hard to pull up your grades. I can understand that life happens and I am impressed that you were able to move past your first semester. Keep up the hard work!