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:confused: With the flu season upon us, various numbers of patients are receiving the Flu and Pneumococcal vaccines. Lately I have heard of patients receiving both injections in the same arm and having problems a couple of weeks later. Arms present with edema , fever, and erythema. My father received his flu vaccination and an injection of Depo Medrol in the same arm. I have concerns. I was taught to give two, three injections at different sights. I was, also, taught not to give flu, pneumococcal, and steriods at the same time--instructed patients to return at least two weeks later to receive the other injection. Please advise--I hope I'm not misguided. Thanks for any advise. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to a beautiful Christmas!


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My doc says I'm too "young" to have the pneumovax, but I'm with you about using the same site. How on earth could you tell which shot was the one causing a potential reaction?

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