Floyd Medical Center - Rome


Has anyone worked at this hospital? How is the work environment? Do you know the starting pay for new grads?


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I did my clinicals there a few months back. Most of the nurses there know their stuff and will help out for anything you need, but there were a few bad apples who were more concerned with looking at wedding dresses than doing actual RN work. To be honest though, every area and every shift is different, so I only got a snapshot of what it's like to work there. Would I go there if offered a job? Yes, in a heartbeat!

And no, I don't know the starting pay there, but they do pay more than their sister hospital, Redmond Regional


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I just got hired there yesterday! I haven't worked there yet, of course, but I was really super impressed with the floor manager who interviewed me -- nice and friendly and she said they LOVE new grads, which makes me very happy. Pay starts at 20.45 for a new grad RN BSN, which is less than average Atlanta starting pay, I think, but I've been jobless since I graduated December 09 so I am more than ok with it. :)

We'll see how it goes! I start November 1st!


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congrats its a nice place to work.


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Thank you for the information. I.shall.be congratulations o your new job and good luck. Do you know how much they pay for shift differentials?