Workforce one aid for Floridians

  1. I'm currently taking my prerequisites at Broward College for the RN, but due to some financial circumstances I will be attending Atlantic Tech. A friend of mines referred me to the WIA. I was laid off last year August from my job and I have a 3 year old daughter. Do they offer child care assistance?

    P.S the orientations are held on the same days that I attend my A & P 2 lab so I am not able to attend the orientations. Has anyone in Broward signed up for the WIA?
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  3. by   SpencerFLA
    Hi, I'm going to be attending Atlantic Tech in August. I am also utilizing the WIA to pay for the program. I do not believe they offer childcare. I just reviewed all the documents I received from them and I find no mention of it in there.
  4. by   lovinglife355
    Ok kool.... How was the whole process and how long did it take?
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  5. by   FLmomof5
    Also, it is Work SOURCE not force.
  6. by   VU RN BSN
    How exactly does a person qualify for WIA??
    For example, would WIA pay for a Nurse Refresher course?
  7. by   SpencerFLA
    process was easy, attended an orientation and that was pretty much it. they provide a listing of classes and schools, you select what you want and once registered they will pay tuition (semester by semester, books, uniforms, etc.) i haven't registered yet as i'm still working on taking the teas and getting the immunizations, background, etc completed. the list can be found on their website, i put the link below.

    fyi - it is workforce one

    if you are eligible for tuition assistance for training: the life time maximum amount per individual paid out by workforce one for tuition and other costs associated with the training is $6,000. any tuition / other costs greater than $6,000 will be the responsibility of the individual. workforce one counselors and the schools may be able to assist you in finding grants, loans and/or scholarships to help you pay for training costs. all customers must apply for a pell grant to use for schools that are pell eligible. attending an orientation session is the first step to enrolling. at this session you will learn about available training programs and eligibility requirements.
  8. by   lovinglife355
    Thanks for the info spencer Florida. I am looking forward to hear from my counselor :-)
  9. by   SpencerFLA
    You are very welcome!