Where could I do a prep courses and the NCLEX exam in florida?

  1. hi to all nurses

    could anyone help me i am an english nurse working within cardiothoracic unit. i would like to take my nclex exam in the orlando area this year, but cannot find any prep courses. dose anyone out there know where i could take the prep course? dose anyone know if i could take my nclex exam in orlando instead of going to tallahasse, the reason why i am asking is we have a property in orlando and it would be cheaper for me to come over to florida than it is for me to go to the kaplan institue in london!!!!

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  3. by   pmeeksSN
    well from what my instructor told me yesterday you can take the NCLEX anywhere in florida whichever is best for you so even if u live in orlando you can go to tallahassee no problem..I even heard tallahassee is a faster process. Also I heard that Orlando Regional Healthcare Hospitals offer a NCLEX review course but I have heard the amount for the course is high $200-$350 but they have a 98% pass rate or so Ive heard. That is where I plan on taking my review course. I hope this all helps good luck. O and they number for that hospital just in case in 321-841-5111.
  4. by   nurz2be
    Kaplan has a Prep course in Orlando, I am taking it along with many others in my class.


    Here is the link for it. THere is also a NCLEX testing facility in Orlando as well.

    UCF Campus
    Student Union, First Floor
    4000 Central Florida Blvd.
    Orlando, FL 32816
  5. by   dizzyray822
    Just bumping this thread. Wondering if anyone has done an NCLEX prep course in south Florida and what they thought of it?