Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

  1. Hello! Just starting a thread for all of us accepted into the Spring 2013 class to get aquainted and keep each other informed on what's to come! I will be enjoying my freedom for another few months! :-) Until January!
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  3. by   bdicenzo
    That's funny I think I just replied to your other post about being accepted into Summer 2013, but possibly being pushed up to Spring... It sounds like you already found out! Congrats, I'm jealous!! That's too bad because it looks like you and I are on the same page! I was about to make a thread for summer 2013!
  4. by   melissa104
    Anyone hear anything about when orientation might be? I know we probably have a couple more months, just getting anxious! :-)
  5. by   mdomin04
    I haven't heard anything either. I'm excited to get started though!
  6. by   melissa104
    Any updates? I read on another Spring 2013 board that someone received an e-mail reminding them to register for Nursing... hmmmmm?
  7. by   mnc06c
    Nope just a confirmation email asking about whether you were still planning on attending in the Spring...they said we should get information about orientation and things we need to get completed for school in a "few" weeks.
  8. by   melissa104
    Thanks! Did the e-mail give a deadline of when to let them know if you plan on attending in the Spring, or are giving up your seat? Just wondering :-)
  9. by   mnc06c
    Not that i saw. It just asked you to confirm. Then once you reply, they send you another email saying to expect orientation information in the next couple weeks....
  10. by   Greengal1
    Hello everyone I too will be starting in Spring 2013! I recently went to the West Campus to try to get more information about the program, I wasn't able to get a date per-say but I was told the Nursing Orientation would be set for the last week of October- First week of November. Do we know what Nursing I covers? I would love to get a head start on the reading!
  11. by   sexyeve
    Greengal1 and everybody else:
    I'm going to start the nursing program in January 2013. I found a thread that talk about the books that we need for the program. This can help you. I bought already the Fundamentals of Nursing 7th Ed and I'm reading chapter 32-34. We need to read this chapters before the classes start. I hope this can help.


    -fundamentals of nursing textbook/ studyguide & skills DVD (Potter & Perry 7th edition) - AT MY ORIENTATION THEY TELL YOU TO READ CH 32, 33 & 34 BEFORE CLASSES START
    -workbook for nursing
    - pharmacology a nursing process approach 6th edition
    -pharmacology study guide
    -essentials of psychiatric mental health nursing
    -elsevier evolve case studies
    -davis's comprehensive handbook of laboratory and diagnostic test with nursing implications
    -cyclopedic medical dictionary (indexed)
    -nursing pocket guide: nursing diagnosis
    -davis's drug guide for nurses


    -how to survive and maybe even love your life as a nurse - I WAS TOLD THIS IS POINTLESS TO GET
    -test success beginning nursing students
    -fundamentals success
    -fundamentals (flash cards)
  12. by   mnc06c
    The book list is super helpful! but I have a question.... any idea if we are still going to be using the 7th edition of the Fundamentals book? I was looking it up online and it seems there is an 8th edition to this book that was published this we think we are still going to be able to use the old edition or are going to need the new 8th edition?
    Just curious on y'alls thoughts...
  13. by   bdicenzo
    Reading your comments is making me so excited! I start in summer, right after you guys, & I'm happy to be getting the heads up!
  14. by   sexyeve
    I really don't know what edition we are using, but the book only cost me $20. If I can't buy the new edition, I'm going to use the old edition. Sometimes the new edition changes the cover and couple of pictures. To save $ I'm going to buy it used and if I'm missing something from the new edition, I'm going to make some copies. Also, we have to buy the T-shirt for labs days and a white scrubs that is not covered for financial aid. Are u in spring class?