Valencia College Fall 2012 Nursing Program

  1. Hello,
    not sure if I start in Summer 2012 or Fall 2012 but wanted to start the thread advanced
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  3. by   astep_atatime
    Hi.. I applied in Dec. 2010.. My acceptance date is Fall 2012..Hopefully I start in Summer 2012
  4. by   Happy 123
    I finished my pre-reqs and took TEAS and applied for the program December 2010 as well. Mid January 2012 is the time to check back with school to get an accurate answer on this. Let's hope for reasonable amount of no-shows so we can start in Summer 2012.
  5. by   astep_atatime
    Hi Mggevo,,I received an invite to start the summer semester...SO excited to be starting a semester early..Did you hear anything?
  6. by   Happy 123
    Awesome news!!! I am so happy for you! I knew that I was a bit down the list for Fall 2012 so my chances were low but hey no worries! Summer start is a hard one they say so make sure be prepared. I will keep you posted if anything chances on my end. Once again congratulations!!!
  7. by   Happy 123
    Look what I got in the mail today! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))

    A seat has become available to begin Valencia’s Nursing program this Summer. Please respond as soon as possible indicating whether or not you want the seat. If I do not receive a response you will remain in the Fall 2012. Please be advised in the Summer that the program is only available on West Campus.
  8. by   astep_atatime
    I am excited and nervous at the same time. Just found out that I am no longer eligible for financial aid...I had to pay for my prerequisite out of pocket as well..they said once I'm actually in the program I would get it but they denied..I have a master's in businesses so I exhausted all govt aidGot to come up with a plan..having faith that everything will work outHopefully we can meet at orientation..a lot of people must have denied their seat..they only take 70 in the summer...
  9. by   Happy 123
    so sorry to hear that!
    I would still try to appeal on that see if you qualify for any help and you also might consider companies that loan money to students.
    I was at the west campus and talked to friends (who are in the program) and listed couple of things on a piece paper before we receive a brief follow up in the mail.
    First the books only costs around 800 they said.(like 10 books need for 1st term)
    We have to have all immunization shots done this depends on your previous history.
    light brown khakis white tennis shoes and they will order valencia nursing polos in the orientation.
    Finger prints and background check was like 150 they said.
    So this is round up 1000-1200 flat
    I am a biology student at ucf and on finacial aid this will drain quite some money i have right now. but hang tight good days are coming!
  10. by   lovethebeach72
    I got the same email today, so I start in Summer 2012 as well. Why do I hear that starting in Summer is harder ??
  11. by   Happy 123
    Summer classes tend to be 5 weeks shorter than Fall and Spring terms where instructors mostly skim or leave students responsible to cover some of the material.
  12. by   lovethebeach72
    Oh wow !!! Sounds like we will have our nose in the books from the get go. In the email I received today, our orientation for Summer 2012 is March 30th @ 8 a.m. and classes officially begin May 7th.
  13. by   Happy 123
    I have already purchased most of the required books where Fundamentals of Nursing by Potter 7th edition is the primary book I am studying!
  14. by   lovethebeach72
    I have not received the list of books yet, where did you get the information? She told me I would be getting a more detailed email by the end of the week. I am anxious to start on whatever it is we need to purchase.