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Hi ALL, I wanted to start this thread for all those who applied and are interested in applying for UM's accelerated BSN next spring (Jan 2013)!! Has any one applied or been accepted yet? ... Read More

  1. by   meddvd
    I received my acceptance letter this week. So excited and can't wait to get started!
  2. by   Nmirjafary
    Is there anyone who still hasn't heard back yet?? I applied for the BSN but online it still says that my application has been sent for review. The suspense is killing me!!
  3. by   cat.charney
    Has everyone gotten their financial aid sorted? I called back again yesterday and they told me I had to apply on the UM finaical aid site and fill out some stuff there and on another government site, but when I called a few weeks ago they never told me to do any of that! So I'm just worried about my loan sitaution.

    Also, someone looking for a roommate?? I'll be in Miami on the 11th looking for a place to share somewhere near campus!
  4. by   fumie
    I will be in Miami on the 12th. My sister and I are also looking to share an apartment with someone. I had to go on the UM website and request a summer loan for ofas to approve. If you've already filled out your fafsa then I believe you will just need to request the loan for summer semester. Call the office of financial aid and ask about that.

    Where will you be staying when you arrive? We have orientation on the 13th, so maybe we can look for each other and talk about the roommate situation.
  5. by   redrock12
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm interested in this program for 2014 and was hoping someone could answer a couple questions. I noticed in other places on the UM website they list english composition 1 and 2 as well as a couple other prerequisites for transfer students that are not mentioned on the ABSN page. Are these necessary for the ABSN applicants? This would really ruin my day if they are since I really don't feel like taking or paying for anymore prerequisites, especially freshman english... Also, should I apply now while I still have micro, nutri, and stat in progress over the summer or wait until august when I'm done? Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Good luck to everyone starting this summer! Thanks
  6. by   harold182

    I am also applying for spring 2013 and I cant wait to get in. I heard that there was a technical problem with common app and that a lot applications had not been sent to UM until last week only so hopefully I was one of them because I have not recevied any good news... well good luck and keep up up to date.
  7. by   harold182
  8. by   harold182
    same here, no response yet and it is killing me, when did you apply?
  9. by   harold182
    Hey hopefully you will not be the only dude in the class because I applied and I am waiting for my acceptance... hopefully. What is this facebook forum you are talking about? is it for accepted students or applicants? how can I search it? thanks
  10. by   Optomist
    Hi.At first I was joyed to had been accepted into UMiami's 2014 Jan starting program coming up in three weeks but I am having second thoughts and NEED advice from people that previiously attended.I get the feeling you are on your own and will not get any help from the school whatsoever and they are slow in handling matters.

    The Office of Financial Assistance (Financial Aid) states my private and government loans will not be disbursed from the school to me until the first week of school due to the school stating this is due to government regulations. I need to know, if the first two weeks I am staying with friends, will I be able to catch up with the work, if I am commuting back and forth to school? I am not sure I will be able to get a place in time, meaning in three weeks.

    Also, is the program organized? Where is it best to live around? I have been told around the nursing school by staff but please elaborate, where to go grocery shopping or to other stores. For clinicals, will i need to rent a car? Does anyone know of a past student wanting to sell their books? What textbooks or guides are good to have on your cell phone in clincials? Things you wished you had known,?

    Was going through the program worth it. Were you able to manage nd sleep 8 hours? Tips for that. In general, what are some things you wish you know about the program before entering? I would love to get in touch with someone who has been through the program.

    Optomist From CA

  11. by   bighead0220
    Is anyone selling there Health Assessment Book?