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Hi there! I received my acceptance letter for the Summer 2011 Accelerated BSN Program at UM. I was just wondering if anyone who is already in this program could give me some insight on how they like... Read More

  1. by   chelseae
    Hi I just found out today I got into the Accelerated BSN program for the summer.
    I was just curious to thoughts on the program. I graduated from UF with my BSBA last year and will have to pay for this program entirely through financial aid then pay it back myself. I was just wondering thoughts on if it was worth it or not.
    I also applied to Jacksonville University and it is the same price but I am from Jacksonville and could save money on living expenses here, but I do think UM has a better program.
    Also, where do people live that is near campus and relatively reasonable. Thanks!
  2. by   espress099
    chelsea and anyone else, do they notify you by email first or do you just get a letter in the mail? thanks
  3. by   lmaria3
    you see the letter in My UM website first. And also, they mail you the letter.
  4. by   sunee
    Hi there! I was also just accepted and can't wait to meet all of my fellow Canes!!
  5. by   danceluver
    any of your been offered the scholarship interviews for the 3 year commitment after graduation? What were your stats like? Do you think its worth it? Do you think you can also pursue their fnp program part time at the same time? What are the hospitals nearby that they would potentially put you in like? Do you get to choose the department?
  6. by   carebear218
    Hello SeattletoMiami,

    Please contact me if you are still interested in Housing in Miami.

    you can pm me or email me at

  7. by   mutemath
    Hey, has anyone gotten their fingerprints sent to the School of Nursing? How long did the FBI take to send your information? I'm worried about the deadlin
  8. by   kanders10
    Hey everyone!

    I'm currently in the ABSN program right now getting ready to graduate in May, and I just wanted to say congrats to everyone on getting in. If anyone has any questions about the program, don't hesitate to ask. I know I was picking as many peoples brains before hand as I could! As for the scholarship, you can definitely do the FNP program part time while still fulfilling your 3 year commitment, you'll just have to take out loans/pay for it yourself

    Best of luck!
  9. by   kanders10
    Hey, for some reason it won't let me respond back via message so email me @ so I can respond to your PM : )
  10. by   danceluver
    Hi Kanders10

    I will be emailing you about UM!! You probably can't receiving via PM because I think you have to have 15 posts before you can do that.....look forward to communicating with you and thanks for the offer!!
  11. by   danceluver
    I just emailed you Kanders10
  12. by   christineny
    hi everyone!!

    Im soooo happy this website exists haha I got accepted to the ABSN program for May 2011

    I cant wait to move down to Miami!! Facebook me...Christine Haungs
  13. by   Tmack3187
    Hi everybody!!!!

    I will be attending the ABSN program in May 2011 as well. I am very excited, but a little nervous since I'm moving down there from Massachusetts. I can't wait to not have to see another snowflake for at least 12 months!! I just joined the facebook group and can't wait to meet everyone.