UNF summer 2011 hopefull

  1. I would like to contact others who have applied to UNF for summer of 2011. Although I have a degree, I am applying for the RPL program and not the accelerated program because I have kids at home. I have 3.68 GPA and 87% TEAS V. I guess they will send out interview invitations mid-February.
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  3. by   HM2Doc
    Hey! I am also applying for the RPL BSN program for summer 2011. So glad there's finally a thread so everyone can share notes and experiences.

    I applyed to the program with a 4.0GPA and an 88.7% on the TEAS. Crossing fingers for an interview spot.
  4. by   FLhusker
    HM2Doc....where are you taking your pre-reqs? 4.0....awesome! I'm sure you will get an interview.
  5. by   HM2Doc
    I'm taking my pre-reqs at FSCJ. I've taken them all except Micro an Stats, which im taking currently. Should be easy.

    Forgive me for asking, but are you male or female? It's kind of hard to decipher from you account name. I ask because i am a male and i had a few male based questions about interview attire and stuff like that.
  6. by   FLhusker
    I'm a gal!
    I'm taking Chem and Nutrition at SJRState. I loved Micro last term, very interesting. Oh, and I've never heard anyone say Stats should be easy!! :-)
    And you should wear a suit to the interview, you are supposed to look professional.
  7. by   HM2Doc
    Have you heard any reliable rumors about the nursing admission process? I wonder what the cutoff will be and what they will ask at the interview.
  8. by   FLhusker
    The cutoff changes every time. They apparently interview twice as many applicants as they will accept so they should interview 144 people to put 48 in RPL and 24 in accelerated. Take your GPA times 100 and add your TEAS score, this will give you a total. Last summer I think I was told the cutoff was 680 so if you scored above that, you would have gotten an interview. There is no way to know what the cutoff will be for this applicant group but I did hear the TEAS V is harder than previous versions so the cutoff may go down just a bit.
    It is going to be a long few months!!!!
  9. by   HM2Doc
    Yep, i've heard pretty much the same thing in regards to the cutoff. My calculated score looks like it's going to be a 760...in theory atleast.
  10. by   FLhusker
    760.....Geez.....you will get an interview for sure. Never seen a score that high!
  11. by   HM2Doc
    Do you think they take into consideration any past experience in the medical field, or any leadership positions that you may have held?
  12. by   ashleyenigma
    I applied as well. My total score is about 734. I am so nervous. Good luck to all of you!
  13. by   HM2Doc
    That's a very competitive score. You should get an interview spot since i hear the cutoffs have been in the upper 600's.
  14. by   HM2Doc
    You would think with 500 applicants that there would be more people on here talking about the program.