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  1. Hello, I've recently applied to work at UF. Specifically one of the ICU units. I hardly have found many topics on this hospital. For those who have or currently work their, what's it like. I know moral varies from unit to unit, but do nurses have a positive outlook on where they work. Does the company care? Moral and teamwork is a biggie for me. I'm coming from a small community hopital, where everyone from the doctors on down can at least recognize eachother. I also enjoy gainsville it's food, and being able to bike to work.

    Ps- almost all rn positions , have no specific description or experience there looking for. All listings have the same format , and nearly all say variable shift. Does that mean everyone is doing rotating shifts?

    thanks for your comments!
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  3. by   ArashiExo
    Hello! We're you able to get the job at Shands? I currently have 2 interviews there scheduled next week one for an ICU unit and I'm very nervous about the interview! Do you mind sharing any tips?