UCF Fall 2012

  1. Hi! I just wanted to start a thread for everyone that is applying for UCF's BSN program which will begin this Fall, 2012. I think this would be a great place for everyone to share their concerns, nerves about waiting, or questions.

    So, how is everyone? Which campus are you applying to?
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved for more of a response.
  4. by   Nikkilicious
    I'm applying for the summer (the accelerated program in Orlando), but I am posting here because that thread never gets any action, lol. I can't believe there aren't more people on here who are applying to UCF?

    Are you ready to submit your app? I just submitted mine the other night! Now I am anxiously awaiting March 15 to hear the news...
  5. by   Go Knights
    I know! I thought there would be a lot more attention toward UCF, especially that the application deadline is quickly approaching, but I'm glad you replied! I've seen so many threads of people just trying to connect with others or see where the stand, but I guess UCF is a little different haha. I also just submitted my application a couple nights ago! It's nice to finally have it off my chest and now just wait, knowing there isn't anything more I can do. I've given them all I got!!! lol
    You're lucky though that the accelerated finds out faster than the BSN program. I think I have to wait until at least the end of March, ugh! :icon_roll
  6. by   <3ZEUS&LINCOLN

    I am also applying for both the accelerated and traditional programs at UCF. I am currently a high school social studies teacher trying to make the transition into nursing. Glad someone added this thread

  7. by   Nikkilicious
    GoKnights- definitely nice to know there are others here! And yeah, the accelerated program deadline is Jan 15th and I was told we would know by March 15.

    Jacki- I am thinking of applying to both as well, but then again at the last info session they said that right now the accelerated is the LEAST competitive, so I am thinking that if I don't get accepted into there then there might not be much of a shot at the regular, know what I mean?

  8. by   <3ZEUS&LINCOLN
    Yeah, but in the traditional program, you would be more competitive because you would be competiting against young kids who do not have a bachelors or a masters degree which you do. I think that should account for something and be a good indicator that you are more likely to be able to handle the course load... just a thought.

    I have also heard that the accelerated is less competitve but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.

  9. by   Nikkilicious
    You're right... maybe I should just go ahead and apply to both, just in case!!! I'm going to go ahead and request the application. Thanks!
  10. by   Jerricaberri

    I'm applying for the traditional BSN at UCF for Fall 2012! Just submitted my application last week!
  11. by   <3ZEUS&LINCOLN
    Awesome, do you currently attend UCF?
  12. by   Go Knights
    Hi everyone! I am so glad this thread has picked up haha! I love hearing from everyone going through this same experience!
  13. by   gracenkyliesmom
    Hi all, I am going to apply for the UCF Fall 2012 program. I have requested the application but have not applied yet due because I want to retake the TEAS exam. The last time I took the test I scored a 78, but I want to retest to score around the 83-84 mark. I am also going to apply for the Seminole concurrent program, but do not think I will be able to get into that one.
  14. by   leandrito
    Hello... I havent apply to the program yet but i am looking forward to it. I want to know please if someone has any ATI book copy in pdf format i would really appreciate it.. send me a private message i want to take the teas next month .. good luck and lets keep the fun